About us

CELSS is an interdisciplinary venue for researchers in Economics, Political Science,  SIPA and the Business School at Columbia University. The laboratory was opened in the Fall of 2013 on the fifth floor of the International Affairs Building at Columbia University.

The laboratory has 24 computers for participants and one computer for the experimenter.  The goal is to enable students and faculty to run laboratory experiments in a controlled setting. CELSS also aims at providing subjects with a fun — and rewarding — experience in the experiments they participate in. Subjects are paid for showing-up to experimental sessions they participate in, receive payments during the experiments based on their actions and other participants’ actions. Finally, the laboratory has a strict no deception policy which requires researches not to lie or mislead participants.

CELSS is currently directed by Alessandra Casella, Professor of Economics at Columbia University with Professor Ernesto Reuben as associate director. Ambuj Dewan, a PhD candidate in Economics, manages the lab.