Andrew Gelman


Affiliations and Contact Information

Areas of Interest and Expertise

His research interests include Bayesian statistics, sample surveys, political science, spatial statistics, environmental sciences, statistical graphics and computation.

General Expertise

He is an expert in analyzing survey data and has some knowledge of conducting experiments.

Particular Expertise

His particular expertise is in political science, surveys, and public opinion decision analysis.


He is an expert in Splus/R and BUGS.


  • Intro to probability and statistics
  • Statistical modeling and data analysis
  • Bayesian statistics
  • Statistical consulting multilevel modeling
  • Sample surveys
  • Decision analysis

Applied Statistics Center Projects

Principal Investigator

  • Social and political polarization
  • Rich state, poor state, red state, blue state: what’s the matter with Connecticut?
  • Representation, spending, and subnational units
  • Reversals of death sentences
  • Evaluating legislative districting
  • Time series of public opinion
  • Bayesian analysis of serial dilution assays
  • Weighting and regression adjustments for surveys and causal inference
  • Models for constructing flexible and reliable multiple imputation procedures
  • Tools for computing and understanding Bayesian and multilevel regression models
  • Interactions in regression models
  • Analysis of time-series cross-sectional data
  • Multiple comparisons
  • The Influence of Income on intended primary vote


  • Columbia Center for Study of Homelessness
  • Socio-cultural influences on allergic sensitization
  • Arsenic in Bangladesh
  • Morphing for summarizing model misfit
  • Inference and decision making for ConEdison