CRED Lab – “Focal points and asymmetric payoffs”

September 28, 2010

Title: CRED Lab – “Focal points and asymmetric payoffs”Location: 417 Schermerhorn HallDescription: Eric Schoenberg (Adjunct Associate Professor, Columbia Business School and Associate Director Center for the Decision Sciences) and Dave Hardisty (Doctoral Student, Columbia University) will present preliminary data from a study in which individuals played a two-person stag hunt with asymmetric payoffs. Focal points […]

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Space-time discounting for climate change policy

September 17, 2010

Title: Space-time discounting for climate change policyLocation: 419 Schermerhorn HallDescription: Seth Baum (Visiting Scholar, Columbia University; Doctoral Candidate, Pennsylvania State University) will be speaking at the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions Lab. Abstract : Discounting is traditionally conceptualized as the comparison of the value of gains or losses that occur at different times. This […]

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PRIISM “Statistics in Society” Lecture – “Forecasting Large Panel Data with Penalized Least-Squares”

September 13, 2010

Title: PRIISM “Statistics in Society” Lecture – “Forecasting Large Panel Data with Penalized Least-Squares”Location: New York University, Kaufman Management Center, Room KMC 5-80, 44 West 4th Street, New York CityDescription: We would like to bring to your attention the following talk, a PRIISM Center “Statistics in Society” lecture, co-sponsored by Stern’s IOMS Department, THIS FRIDAY […]

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Miniconference on Risk Perception

September 1, 2010

Title: Miniconference on Risk Perception Location: Lindsay Rogers Room, International Affairs Building, 420 W. 118th St. Room 707 Come join us this Friday, September 10th for an engaging interdisciplinary discussion of risk perception at the individual and societal level, and the role it plays in current environmental, social, and health policy debates. All are welcome! […]

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Workshop – Brain “decoding”: Classifying and predicting mental states from brain activity

August 26, 2010

Title: Workshop – Brain “decoding”: Classifying and predicting mental states from brain activity Location: 501 Schermerhorn Hall, Columbia University Link out: Click here Description: This workshop is part of the Department of Statistics special focus series on Statistical Methods in Neuroscience. There is a growing interest in using fMRI data as a tool for classification […]

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Statistics Playroom begins September 8th!

August 24, 2010

Stop by the Lindsay Rogers Room (IAB 707) every Wednesday and Thursday from 2:30-5:30PM and check it out!

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Columbia-Oxford Risk Summit

June 2, 2010

Title: Columbia-Oxford Risk SummitLocation: Davis Auditorium, 412 Schapiro CenterLink out: Click hereDescription: Hosted by The Industrial Engineering & Operations Research Department at Columbia University and Oxford University The Risk Summit features a group of distinguished speakers from Columbia University, Oxford University, and practitioners from leading financial firms, in an informal setting aimed at fostering communication […]

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Call for Contribution and Participation: DIMACS Workshop on Algorithmic Medical Decision Making: Leveraging Heterogeneous Data Sources for Quantifying Risk

June 2, 2010

Date: October 28-29, 2010 Place: DIMACS Center, CoRE Building, Rutgers University As more health data becomes available to support health care decision making, ADT methods will be needed to quantitatively process, analyze and communicate health risks and to understand their relationships to lifestyle choice, clinical and insurance decisions and health policy. The ability to quantify […]

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Stereotype threat as a source of measurement bias in cognitive ability tests

May 24, 2010

Title: Stereotype threat as a source of measurement bias in cognitive ability tests Location: New York University Kimball Hall (246 Greene St.) 607W.Description: Speaker: Jelte M. Wicherts – University of Amsterdam Abstract: Perhaps the most important issue in research of stereotype threat is whether it artificially lowers performance of stereotyped groups on real-life cognitive tests. […]

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Teaching Data Analysis with R

May 6, 2010

Title: Teaching Data Analysis with RLocation: International Affaird Building, Room 707, 420 W. 118th StLink out: Click hereDescription: Mark Hansen — on sabbatical at the New York Times R&D Group from the Department of Statistics, UCLA — will talk about the use of R for teaching data analysis at both the undergraduate and high school […]

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