Miniconference on Risk Perception

by cp2530 on September 1, 2010

Title: Miniconference on Risk Perception
Location: Lindsay Rogers Room, International Affairs Building, 420 W. 118th St. Room 707

Come join us this Friday, September 10th for an engaging interdisciplinary discussion of risk perception at the individual and societal level, and the role it plays in current environmental, social, and health policy debates. All are welcome!

Determinants of Risk Taking: The Important Role of Risk Perception”

Elke Weber, Columbia Business School

“Cultural Cognition and the Problem of Science Communication”

Dan Kahan, Yale Law School

Discussants include:

Michael Gerrard, Columbia Law School

David Epstein, Department of Political Science, Columbia University

Andrew Gelman, Department of Statistics, Columbia University

Start Time: 01:00
Date: 2010-09-10
End Time: 05:00

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