Call for Contribution and Participation: DIMACS Workshop on Algorithmic Medical Decision Making: Leveraging Heterogeneous Data Sources for Quantifying Risk

by cp2530 on June 2, 2010

Date: October 28-29, 2010
Place: DIMACS Center, CoRE Building, Rutgers University

As more health data becomes available to support health care decision making, ADT methods will be needed to quantitatively process, analyze and communicate health risks and to understand their relationships to lifestyle choice, clinical and insurance decisions and health policy. The ability to quantify risks in this context is a fundamental requirement for effective decision making.

This WS will explore how data from heterogeneous sources (e.g., social media, blogs, wireless health monitors, electronic health records, claims data) can be used to assess and quantify risk in health care decision making from the multiple perspectives of payer, provider and patient. In particular, we will focus on how we might gain insight from less established, public and potentially real-time sources of medical information like Internet discussion forums, blogs, and home monitoring devices to complement insights generated from more established sources. The desired outcome of the workshop is to create a community of researchers who will develop research agendas around the development and integration of algorithms that will improve the quality of health care decision making by making it easier for decision makers to effectively leverage heterogeneous information sources for risk-aware medical decision making.

Be sure to check out the event website for more information on how to participate!

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